Arnold Arboretum Engagement | Julie & Greg
Arnold Arboretum Engagement | Julie & Greg

Early in the morning, four days before their wedding, we met for the first time and took some photographs around Arnold Arboretum. Greg had just flown in that morning from the West Coast. He and Julie were driving up to Maine, to start their wedding weekend festivities following our shoot together. The anticipation and excitement was noticeable, which was great. As we walked around they told us about how they met and became engaged. The stories seemed to hold a bit more weight knowing what was about to happen just a few days away.

Check back on Friday to see their summer camp wedding!


Black and white photograph of couple walking down a path at the Arnold Arboretum.

arnold-arboretum-engagement-lara-kimmerer-002 arnold-arboretum-engagement-lara-kimmerer-003 arnold-arboretum-engagement-lara-kimmerer-004 arnold-arboretum-engagement-lara-kimmerer-005 arnold-arboretum-engagement-lara-kimmerer-006 arnold-arboretum-engagement-lara-kimmerer-007 arnold-arboretum-engagement-lara-kimmerer-009

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