Arnold Arboretum Engagement | Carly & Alex
Arnold Arboretum Engagement | Carly & Alex

This weekend we’re heading up to Maine for the second time this summer to celebrate with Carly & Alex. This is a special one for us. Two years ago we photographed the wedding of Greg and Julie, Carly’s sister, in the same place – Kamp Kohut. The summer camp has been run by Carly’s family for a couple of generations, and Carly is continuing in that tradition. Carly suggested us to her sister and Greg after being a guest at Karla & Todd‘s wedding, who we’ll also see this weekend. It will be quite the reunion for us!

As I mentioned in my last post, one of the things I enjoy about my job is getting to know our couples – hearing about them individually, how they are together and how they met. I thought it would be fun to learn a little bit about each couple before their wedding day in their own words.

Where and how did you meet?

We met in 2014 in Israel on Birthright, although we were both living in Boston at the time. It was an eight day trip during one of the more intense times over the last few years where the country was really on edge and preparing for an attack. It took about 3 days into the trip for us to actually start speaking with each other, but we hit it off right away. On the way back to JFK, Alex had asked for a ride back to Boston and was introduced to Carly’s parents before the 1st date even occurred. Alex and Carly’s dad Dan hit it off immediately, speaking for almost the entire 4.5 hour ride back while Hanna, Carly’s childhood friend, sat in the backseat telling Carly’s mom Lisa all about Alex. We are so lucky to have Hanna celebrating with us at our wedding and signing our Ketubah, and our friend Sarah, who we met on our trip and helped orchestrate the proposal, will be marrying us!

Alex, What was it about Carly that first impressed you or caught your attention?

She has an infectious smile and generous personality. I can always spot her in a crowd because her face lights up and she does this cute little head turn thing along with it.

Carly, What was it about Alex that first impressed you or caught your attention?

Alex’s eyes definitely caught my attention first (and that of the whole group as he was given the superlative of “Best Eyes” by the group!) but sadly so did his clothing choices.  He wore these bright red swishy pants that can be seen in our first photo together. Unfortunately Alex still has them, but thankfully they don’t get worn very much anymore!

What are you looking forward to the most about your wedding?

We are most looking forward to celebrating with all of our favorite people being in our favorite place. We are sad to be missing a few key people in our lives but know they are here with us in their own way. We are so happy to be starting our married life together with all of these special people in this special place.

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