Truro Cape Cod Mini Wedding Celebration | Sarah & James

By now we all know the story. A wedding was planned and then postponed…in some cases more than once. Some couples didn’t want to put off being married, even though they wanted to wait to have the big celebration. That was the case for Sarah & James who decided to have a mini wedding celebration with their immediate family in Truro on Cape Cod last summer. This summer, on their one year anniversary, they’ll be having quite the party in Provincetown. Can’t wait to see all the joy in people gathering again and witness all those hugs. Excited to see Sarah, James and their family, and to work with Cape Cod Celebrations again too!

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Mary & Hank + two

Mother’s Day is in three days. My first as a mom. My fourteenth without my own mom. This one will be different for many reasons. I usually don’t celebrate the holiday and we really can’t do much if we wanted to this year anyway. That being said, I plan on having some photographs taken of my daughter and me to commemorate the day. Photographs are important. Mary’s answer to my last question resonated with me so much. No need to skip to the end though. You’ll get there.

Continuing on in our quarantine series is Mary & Hank with their son and daughter. We had the absolute pleasure of photographing Mary & Hank’s wedding on Block Island at the Atlantic Inn in 2012. Since then we’ve visited with them twice as their family has grown over the years. Once everything calms down we have plans to visit again. Children grow and change so quickly. It’s fun to see all of that happen over time in photographs.

Looking forward to when we can all get together in person again–I would love to photograph you as well. From now through the end of May I’m offering $100 off the session fee for Family Sessions, Mini Family Sessions, Maternity/Newborn Sessions, Couple Sessions, and Friendship Sessions. If you suggest me to a friend and they book a photo shoot, both you and they will get another $25 off the session fee. Your photo shoot can take place anytime in 2020 (once we’re all advised we can end our social distancing) and in 2021 as well. Get in touch for more information. Looking forward to it very much!


Mary & Hank’s wedding was one that really stands out in our memory. It was a beautiful setting–kinda magical on Block Island. Mary & Hank were so emotional and just leaned into it–our favorite! One of my absolute favorite portraits that I’ve taken is of Mary right before the first look. And I love the portrait Peter took of Hank while waiting to see Mary for the first time too. He already had tears in his eyes. The best.

Wedding Family Sessions Quarantine 02 Wedding Family Sessions Quarantine 03

L: What is a favorite memory from your wedding day?

M: So many favorite memories! I felt like our vows were really emotional-and it was nice to feel that emotion not only from each other but from everyone witnessing the ceremony too.   But I also keep coming back to the moment when I had an unofficial “first look” with my grandparents (if you remember, I wore my grandmas dress). It really brought everything full circle and felt really special. They were so moved and I didn’t really process that until after when I was looking at your photos.

L: Your grandparents seeing you in the dress was one of my favorite moments from your wedding–especially your grandfather’s reaction. I can only imagine the memories he was reliving seeing the dress on you. Wedding Family Sessions Quarantine 04 Wedding Family Sessions Quarantine 05 Wedding Family Sessions Quarantine 06Wedding Family Sessions Quarantine 07 Wedding Family Sessions Quarantine 08 Wedding Family Sessions Quarantine 09 Wedding Family Sessions Quarantine 10 Wedding Family Sessions Quarantine 11


We’ve visited with this family twice, so you’ll see their son grow up a bit and their daughter enter the scene.

Wedding Family Sessions Quarantine 12 Wedding Family Sessions Quarantine 13 Wedding Family Sessions Quarantine 14

L: Can you share a few words of advice or encouragement for other parents.

M: Every day I remind myself that I only have to get through this one day. I’m trying very hard not to look at the big picture because in this particular situation it seems deeply overwhelming. When I feel particularly gloomy I repeat to myself the good things we have going: we are healthy and safe. Our loved ones are healthy and safe.

Wedding Family Sessions Quarantine 15 Wedding Family Sessions Quarantine 16 Wedding Family Sessions Quarantine 17 Wedding Family Sessions Quarantine 18 Wedding Family Sessions Quarantine 19

L: Now that we’ve been at this isolation for a couple of weeks, could you pass along any tips or suggestions for making it though, ie: games, art projects, any ideas!

M: Now is not the time to hold ourselves to insanely high, social Media influenced parental standards. Mine have gone way down. We try to adhere to an EXTREMELY rough schedule but I try not to stress out if we wander from it. Follow your kids lead. And never ever interrupt independent play to do a planned activity!!!!

I don’t know where I saw this, but I read somewhere that when your kid(s) are losing it and everyone is cranky, go outside or put them in water. Works for all ages. It doesn’t matter what you do-walk around the yard, take a bath, you don’t need to get crazy. But it helps!

Also, I bought an indoor bounce house and we use it every. Day.

Wedding Family Sessions Quarantine 20 Wedding Family Sessions Quarantine 21 Wedding Family Sessions Quarantine 22 Wedding Family Sessions Quarantine 23

L: Photography has always been important to me, but I’ve been relying on family photographs a lot lately. They’ve been bringing me comfort in this new parenthood, as well as being separated from friends and family. Can you tell me why photography is important to you?

M: Here’s why photography (pro or otherwise) is so important. We have 900 books for my kids to look at in our house. Do you know what books they gravitate to and pour over and carry around the house with them? Our photo albums. They love nothing more than sitting with us and talking about every photo in intricate detail-who’s in it, what they’re doing, when it happened. And that always leads to bigger conversations about family history, and stories about times before they were there, and people they sadly never got to know. Photos are magic. They let you time travel. They connect you to your past and give you space to reflect on it. They capture a moment in time forever. Things move so fast nowadays so I think that’s pretty special. Sorry for being so cheesy!

L: Oh my gosh! Not cheesy at all!!! You basically said exactly what I say about photography–the time travel, learning about people that they’ll never have the chance to meet, connecting you to the past…all of it. I LOVE it!

Wedding Family Sessions Quarantine 24 Wedding Family Sessions Quarantine 25

Thank you, Mary! Looking forward to sharing more of these. If I’ve photographed your family and you’d like to be included in this series, please get in touch. There’s a little something in it for you too! Stay sane everyone!

My Dad | Four Years

Four years ago I was out for a day full of shoots. It was a warm day, one of the firsts that spring. I stopped for some lunch and was deciding on where to spend a half hour taking in the warmth of the day when I received a call. It was a call I feared for ten years–ever since my mom died. My dad had died unexpectedly in his sleep. He had prepped the coffee pot for the next morning-a morning he would never see.

The next two years sent me into a fog of grief and longing for so much from my past. That time also allowed me to remember and appreciate so many wonderful things that my dad passed along to me. One of which was the love of water-specifically a lake in NJ that I miss dearly. As well as a love of sunsets. Some nights we’d take the boat out to watch the sunset on the lake. When the sun appeared to set we’d move the boat a little further out to watch it set again.



george sunset boat ride


Rebekah & Mike + two

It took me a bit to get back here. Are you finding that you were really motivated in the first couple of weeks of isolating at home and then that energy just fell off? That definitely happened to me. As with many of you, I believe a bit of depression set in, which has a way of zapping motivation for sure. Here we are though! We’re making it through.

As a follow-up to my last post, I’ve reached out to some of my past clients. Some have been in front of my camera for both their wedding and family sessions and some just for family sessions. I’ve asked them a few questions including a couple about how they’re making it through these days.

Looking forward to when we can all get together in person again–I would love to photograph you as well. From now through the end of May I’m offering $100 off the session fee for Family Sessions, Mini Family Sessions, Maternity/Newborn Sessions, Couple Sessions, and Friendship Sessions. If you suggest me to a friend and they book a photo shoot, both you and they will get another $25 off the session fee. Your photo shoot can take place anytime in 2020 (once we’re all advised we can end our social isolation) and in 2021 as well. Get in touch for more information. Looking forward to it very much!

First up is Rebekah & Mike, their son Callum and dog Marty. We visited them a year ago. As I usually like to do, we started with photos in their home and then went on a walk nearby. They’ve recently added a daughter to the family. I’m excited to visit them again soon and meet the newest member of their family and introduce Arden to everyone when this is all over. I think Callum expressed what we’ve all been feeling when he said, “I’m just not prepared for this yucky germ.”


Rebekah & Mike’s marriage began with a high five and some ice cream. The last wedding image is still one of my favorites. I love the gesture of Rebekah gathering her veil while Mike fiddles with his ring.

Wedding Family Clients Quarentine 02 Wedding Family Clients Quarentine 03Wedding Family Clients Quarentine 04 Wedding Family Clients Quarentine 05

L: What is a favorite memory from your wedding day?

R: My great uncle, who had been slowly slipping into dementia for years, was able to attend our wedding. During a conversation with him at our reception, he was the most lucid I had seen in a very long time and gave what I consider to be the most thoughtful and poignant advice about marriage. Uncle Henry told us to expect to “have good years and bad years, so commit to love one another through it and it would all work out in the end.” Good YEARS, bad YEARS…a thoughtful reminder in the toughest moments that faith in one another can pull you through.


Wedding Family Clients Quarentine 06Wedding Family Clients Quarentine 07

L: Can you share a few words of advice or encouragement for other parents.

R: In an interview with Franciscan Friar Richard Rohr about suffering, he spoke about radical acceptance. “Accept what’s happening as if you’ve chosen it.” This does not mean that what’s happening is agreeable, is reasonable, is normal, or is wanted. It means that we accept that this is reality, and we pick ourselves up and move forward.

Wedding Family Clients Quarentine 08 Wedding Family Clients Quarentine 09 Wedding Family Clients Quarentine 10 Wedding Family Clients Quarentine 11 Wedding Family Clients Quarentine 12

L: Now that we’ve been at this isolation for a couple of weeks, could you pass along any tips or suggestions for making it though, ie: games, art projects, any ideas!

R: We went into social distancing with the greatest of intentions. We had schedules, we had bourbon, and we were going to Montessori the shit out of this time together. Fast forward two weeks, and with one of us still working as a healthcare provider, things fell apart. Instead of pushing and planning (though we still try, maybe a little?), we’ve embraced the mantra “sure, why not?” You want to wear underwear outside of your pants, sure, why not? You want to go for another hike, sure, why not? You want to plan a beach party in the living room, and we’re all going to wear swim suits? Sure, why not? While the worksheets aren’t happening, we’re embracing our time together (and our time apart when I’m with patients) without an agenda. Maybe he’ll learn some life skills, and hopefully we’ll all learn to be a little more flexible. Wedding Family Clients Quarentine 13 Wedding Family Clients Quarentine 14 Wedding Family Clients Quarentine 15 Wedding Family Clients Quarentine 16

L: Photography has always been important to me, but I’ve been relying on family photographs a lot lately. They’ve been bringing me comfort in this new parenthood, as well as being separated from friends and family. Can you tell me why photography is important to you?

R: Photos provide the backdrop for storytelling, and a way to remain connected to our past. One of Callum’s favorite pastimes is looking at photos of our family and being told stories about himself, his parents, and extended family.

Thank you so much, Rebekah! I’m looking forward to sharing more family sessions. Stay safe everyone!


This job, that we’re very lucky to do, absolutely influenced our decision to become parents. We’re fortunate to work with the most wonderful couples who often have close relationships with their families. We’ve heard beautiful speeches by parents to their children recounting the day they were born and watching them grow and become the person they are today. We’ve witnessed parent dances both silly and heartfelt. We’ve seen the proud look of a grandparent looking on at their children and their children’s children. We’ve done this while holding back tears from behind the camera – often not succeeding.

Later that evening while driving home we go over the day – recalling our favorite parts. They’re most often about the connection the couple had with each other – and the connection they had with their families. While discussing all of this, inevitably the topic of us having our own child would come up. Didn’t we want the potential to have that experience someday?


One of the last meals I had with my mom I remember saying to her that I didn’t think I wanted to be a parent. She said I was young and that I’d likely change my mind. Then she died suddenly. Life became about surviving and pushing through the grief. Then it became about moving forward. Then it became about living fully, which included growing my business, traveling and running marathons. Through all these things Peter and I would discuss whether or not to become parents, but it never seemed like the right time.

My dad died suddenly in April of 2016. That summer we were sitting on the deck at my house and the topic came up again. I realized I had so many things from my parents that I’d like to pass along to someone – stories and music and life lessons and places that mean so much to me. That day Peter and I passed over the <50% mark to closer to 60% wanting to be parents.

Grief is a tough thing to shake though. That year was spent trying to figure out what my life was without either of my parents. The next year we lost my childhood home, which was like losing another family member. It also brought up the loss of both my mom and and my dad even stronger. I was in a hole of loss and sadness until early 2019. The fog began to lift and we started to envision what the rest of our lives would look like. After close to eight years of discussions we decided to try and add one more person to our family after so many losses. I realize this is something that is difficult for many people, including a few of my close friends. It happens that it was fairly easy for Peter and me – something that we don’t take for granted.

So here we are – a family of three. In part due to many of you who have emphasized how wonderful it is to be a part of something greater than yourselves. My parents definitely showed that to me too. It took losing them, plus a little distance from all that sadness to drive it home, so to speak.


The following photographs are just a few of the many that came to mind when thinking about the weddings that we’ve been a part of with that family connection that we love witnessing so much.

Families at weddings 01 1 Families at weddings 02 1 Families at weddings 03 1 Families at weddings 04 1 Families at weddings 4b 1 Families at weddings 05 1 Families at weddings 06 1 Families at weddings 07 1 Families at weddings 08 1 Families at weddings 09 1 Families at weddings 10 1 Families at weddings 11 1 Families at weddings 12 1 Families at weddings 13 1 Families at weddings 14 1 Families at weddings 15 1 Families at weddings 16 1 Families at weddings 17 1 Families at weddings 18 1 Families at weddings 19 1

I plan on doing more personal posts along with showing weddings from last year and even the year before. I’ve got to be better at blogging. Hold me accountable please!

Strange Times

What strange times we’re all living through right now. All this isolation is making me feel closer to my friends and family. We may hardly see one another, but knowing we could at any time keeps us from connecting regularly. This forced isolation seems to have made us all feel like we should call/text and video chat more often. I’m enjoying it very much.

What makes this time even more strange for Peter and me is that we recently expanded our family. Our daughter Arden joined us mid-February, a few weeks before everything became very serious in the US. This means we benefited from family visiting in the hospital and at home. Friends (very much our chosen family) helped us out in ways we didn’t know we needed – bringing us groceries and meals; lending their ears when we felt overwhelmed by this new job we’ve taken on; giving advice, but allowing us to take or leave it. For those who could, the most important thing, and the thing we didn’t realize we would need so much, was visiting with us and lending their arms to hold our daughter into the wee hours while Peter and I caught up on sleep. That has all come to a halt for a very good reason, but man it’s been tough to lose that assistance and connection.

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a personal post – something I used to do all the time on my old blog. I miss having that outlet. I guess instagram took its place, just in a more abbreviated fashion. It’s feeling like it might be the right time to use this space again. I’d love if you would leave a comment – maybe about some topics you’d like me to post about – whether they be personal or about weddings or family photography. Words of advice are always welcome too.

I’ll be back tomorrow. For now though, be well in body and mind.


Banner image by the one and only Alexandra Roberts, AKA Auntie A!

Baby’s photo by her mom.

Dane Estate Wedding | Cailin & David

When I first moved to Boston (many years ago), I met David’s mother when I began photographing real estate for her. A few years later I photographed David’s sister’s wedding, and even photographed David for his business. When it came time to find a photographer for his own wedding, I was told he immediately thought of me. It’s wonderful to be there for so many big and small moments in the lives of one family. I don’t take it for granted at all.

Cailin & David are so easy to be around, which makes photographing them just as easy and the resulting photographs feel honest and true to them. Their wedding was on a beautiful day on the last full day of summer at the Dane Estate. In fact, their first dance song was “September” by Earth, Wind and Fire. Perfect!

Some details: They had a first look with each other and then one with their dog, who wasn’t able to stay for the festivities. The ceremony was performed by a good friend, which makes it easier for the personal stories to come out and the happy tears to flow. Many of Cailin’s family traveled from overseas, including Scotland. I loved seeing a fair amount of tartan in the crowd. To keep her dad close to her she wrapped his favorite tie around her bouquet. The evening ended with most everyone gathering round and singing an Oasis song together. I absolutely sang along from behind my camera and loved every second.

Location: Dane Estate

Hair: Vaini and Clark

Makeup: Bella Boutique

Florals: Natick Community Farm

Caterer: A Day to Remember

Baker: Icing on the Cake

DJ: TSG Weddings

Second Photographer: Brad Bahner

dane estate wedding photographer 02
dane estate wedding photographer 03
dane estate wedding photographer 04
dane estate wedding photographer 05
dane estate wedding photographer 06
dane estate wedding photographer 07 1
dane estate wedding photographer 08
dane estate wedding photographer 09
dane estate wedding photographer 10
dane estate wedding photographer 11
dane estate wedding photographer 12
dane estate wedding photographer 13
dane estate wedding photographer 14
dane estate wedding photographer 15
dane estate wedding photographer 16
dane estate wedding photographer 17
dane estate wedding photographer 18
dane estate wedding photographer 19
dane estate wedding photographer 20
dane estate wedding photographer 21
dane estate wedding photographer 22
dane estate wedding photographer 23
dane estate wedding photographer 24
dane estate wedding photographer 25
dane estate wedding photographer 26
dane estate wedding photographer 27
dane estate wedding photographer 28
dane estate wedding photographer 29
dane estate wedding photographer 30
dane estate wedding photographer 31
dane estate wedding photographer 32
dane estate wedding photographer 33
dane estate wedding photographer 34
dane estate wedding photographer 35
dane estate wedding photographer 36
dane estate wedding photographer 37
dane estate wedding photographer 38
dane estate wedding photographer 39
dane estate wedding photographer 40
dane estate wedding photographer 41
dane estate wedding photographer 42
dane estate wedding photographer 43
dane estate wedding photographer 44
dane estate wedding photographer 45
dane estate wedding photographer 46
dane estate wedding photographer 47
dane estate wedding photographer 48
dane estate wedding photographer 49
dane estate wedding photographer 50
dane estate wedding photographer 51
dane estate wedding photographer 52
dane estate wedding photographer 53
dane estate wedding photographer 54
dane estate wedding photographer 55
dane estate wedding photographer 56
dane estate wedding photographer 57
dane estate wedding photographer 58
dane estate wedding photographer 59
Quonquont Farm Wedding | Sara & Andrew

Last September we had the pleasure of visiting Western Mass to photograph Sara & Andrew and their Quonquont Farm wedding. During my photography school days I lived out that way and loved exploring the winding back roads of the area. I only lived there for one year, but it still feels like going home whenever I’m out that way.

We really enjoyed getting to know Sara & Andrew – and their dog Moose. They’re fun loving and genuine people. We’re grateful they allowed us to see how much they obviously care for one another and let us photograph their love.

Happy Anniversary (and a few days), Sara & Andrew!

Event Coordinator: Maddy Oldenburg ofQuonquont Farm |  Location: Quonquont Farm |  Dress: Rue de Seine |  Groom’s  Suit: Tailor’s Keep |  Hair & Make-up:  Salon Herdis | Florals: Daisy Stone Studio |  Caterer: A Vermont Table | DJ: Shawn Santenello

Martha’s Vineyard Engagement | Kayla & Tucker

Crickets. I hear them outside, but I hear them in this space as well. I’m not going to make any promises, but I’m hoping to share a lot of shoots in the coming weeks and months. Such as these photographs, which were taken last summer on Martha’s Vineyard. Kayla & Tucker are getting married tomorrow. Sometimes I work better under pressure.

These two are just great. They showed us around the island and let us play with light, and the best part for me, I got to stand in water while taking their photos.

couple laughing walking on the dunes on Martha's Vineyard
couple embracing near dunes on Martha's Vineyard
couple embracing and kissing as they walk up a dune path on marthas vineyard
couple wearing cuffed jeans on beach
couple embracing with eyes closed on beach on martha's vineyard
footprints of a couple walking on a martha's vineyard beach
a couple laughs as they walk in water while embracing on martha's vineyard beach
guy kissing girl on forehead on beach
shadows of a couple on sand on martha's vineyard beach
couple sitting in green rowboat near lighthouse on marta's vineyard
sunset glow on couple on martha's vineyard
last light of sunset on couple embracing near water on martha's vineyard
girl laughing in street on martha's vineyard
man smiling in street on martha's vineyard
black and white photo of couple embracing
Overbrook House Wedding | Lindsey & John

This was our third Overbrook House wedding and it was wonderful. What I love about the Overbrook House is how each wedding can be as unique as the couple who plans the celebration. They’re all so personal and intimate – and tons of fun. As will happen sometimes – it rained on Lindsey & John’s wedding day. The rain and summer heat did not get them down at all. They rolled with it all – changing their ceremony location from outside to in, which created a cozy space for a very emotional ceremony. Then the celebrations continued under the tent – and back to the dance hall…for dancing!

A few favorite things about their wedding day:  

  • How much Lindsey & John were game to go out in the rain. Their photos show how the day actually was – which is real and great.
  • The art Lindsey created that was tied in together on their welcome sign, invitation, and even bottles of wine.
  • John practicing a song he had written for Lindsey before they did their first look – and then his performance during the reception.

There was so much of Lindsey & John, and the life they’ve created together, infused in their day. That’s the way to do it.

Some of the people who brought their day together:


Baker: Sarah Bouissou & Cape Cod Cakes

Florals: DIY with flowers from Bay End Farm

Makeup/Hair: Pauline Bouissou

DJ: Dakota Christmas of Murry Hill Talent (who was amazing!)

Invitations: Minted

Other weddings we’ve photographed at Overbrook House – Brenna & Nick and Megan & Chris

welcome sign for wedding at Overbrook House
bride getting ready with friends at Overbrook House
groom getting ready for wedding at overbrook house
portrait of bride in hallway of overbrook house
groom practicing song he's written for his bride on their wedding day
bride smiling in portrait taken in hallway of overbrook house
wedding first look at overbrook house on rainy day
groom waiting under umbrella to see his bride for the first time on their wedding day
bride and groom under umbrella during first look
wedding invitation for overbrook house wedding
bride and dad waiting outside for ceremony to begin
groom walking down aisle in dance hall at overbrook house
bride and dad walking down aisle in dance hall at overbrook house
bride and groom smiling during ceremony at overbrook house
bride's siblings smiling during ceremony at overbrook house
groom's sister smiling during ceremony at overbrook house
bride and groom exchange rings during ceremony at overbrook house
bride and groom embrace during ceremony
bride and groom smiling while walking back up aisle after ceremony at overbrook house
bride and groom excitedly smiling after ceremony
wine cork escort cards at overbrook house wedding
tablescape at overbrook house wedding
fried chicken tablescape at overbrook house wedding
personalized wine bottles for overbrook house wedding
rain on a wedding day at overbrook house
father of the bride's toast during reception
bride and groom during toasts at reception
bride and groom embrace during reception under tent
wedding tent in the rain at overbrook house
bride and groom walk in field at overbrook house
bride and groom smiling in the rain at overbrook house
bride and groom kiss in the rain at overbrook house
bride and groom walking in rainy field at overbook house
dancing sign and cake toppers for wedding at overbrook house
bride and groom enter dance hall for first dance at overbrook house
bride and groom first dance at overbrook house
bride and groom smiling during first dance at overbrook house dance hall
bride dancing with father at overbrook house
groom dancing with his mom at overbrook house
groom performs song he has written for his bride on their wedding day
bride hugs groom at overbrook house
groom gets excited for dancing at overbrook house
wedding guest dancing at overbrook house
bride surrounded by handheld fans on a hot evening during overbrook house wedding
wedding guest enjoying dancing at overbrook house wedding
bride and groom seen through window of dance hall at overbrook house wedding
bride and groom enjoying dancing at overbrook house wedding
bride and groom embrace during dancing at overbrook house wedding in dance hall
bride and groom kiss in last moments of their reception at overbrook house wedding
Castine, Maine Wedding | Becca & Nick

It’s been almost a year since I last posted a wedding. Which is crazy to me because 2018 was filled with amazing couples and their beautiful weddings. Starting today I’m going to rectify the situation with showing you Becca & Nick’s day.

Their wedding was held in Castine, Maine. Peter and I had never been to Castine before and now we know we have to go again. It’s like stepping back in time a bit. Everything seemed quieter and calmer on the streets and shoreline of Castine. Becca grew up going there in the summers with her family and has happily brought Nick into the fold. They met on a research boat in Greenland. They told the whole story in their pre-wedding post. It’s a good one. Definitely check it out.

Being married by the sea seemed perfect for these two. However, storms and winds threatened to make their outdoor ceremony very eventful, so they chose to have their ceremony at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Castine, but not before doing a first look at their original ceremony location – Ft. Madison.

After the ceremony they made their way through the town to their reception at The Wilson Museum by way of an antique Saxon, driven by a friend of Becca’s family. Following cocktail hour, guests were led to dinner under the tent by a horn procession. Heartfelt toasts and lots of dancing finished up the evening.

Becca & Nick’s day was planned by the lovely Sarah Goodwin of Daisies and Pearls. The beautiful floral arrangements were by Michelle Peele Florals. Hair and Makeup were by Ariel Johnson. The delicious and beautiful food was by Trillium Caterers. The music that got everyone dancing was performed by the fantastic Sugarbabies (who we had the pleasure of seeing at our last wedding of the year as well). They’re one of our favorite bands for sure.

Congratulations, Becca & Nick. Though it’s a few months later – you’re still newlyweds!

Dog sleeping at family home on wedding day Groom looking in mirror while getting ready for his wedding day Mother helping her daughter get ready on her wedding day Bride and Groom first look on wedding day on Maine Coast Bride and Groom hold hands along Maine's rocky shoreline Bride and Groom on rocks on Maine's rocky shoreline Bride and Groom sit on a rock on Maine's rocky shoreline Castine, Maine church on wedding day bride walking into church with parents Bride and Groom hold hands up in celebration while guests applaud during ceremony Bride and groom exit the church after ceremony View from Saxon wedding getaway car Bride and groom in Saxon wedding getaway car Trillium Caterers hors d'oeuvres and cocktails Wedding guests Wedding tent reception on Maine coast wedding cake and centerpiece by Trillium Caterers and Michelle Peele Floral Bride and groom reaction to emotional toast given by her parents Bride and groom happy reaction to toast given by his parents Bride and groom toast at their wedding wedding tent at night along Maine Coast Blue summer evening light along Maine Coast on wedding day

Marblehead Sunset Engagement | Sara & Andrew
We’ll be heading out to Western Mass this weekend to celebrate with Sara & Andrew at Quonquont Farm – almost exactly five years to the day we celebrated with Maura & Aidan in the same lovely place. A few weeks ago, in between their move from California to Connecticut, we met up with Sara & Andrew on the North Shore to hangout. We ended up with a beautiful sunset over the harbor in Marblehead. Crossing our fingers for another beautiful day on Sunday. And now, I’ll let Sara & Andrew tell you a bit about how they met.
Where and how did you meet?
Andrew: We first met at a beach north of Boston called Phillips Beach. It’s located in the seaside town of Swampscott, where I grew up. We met the summer after we each had graduated from college. I moved-in with my parents while I waited for a sublet in Somerville and Sara moved in with her sister and her family in the town next door, Marblehead. We ended up at Phillips Beach due to our mutual friend Hannah, who’d invited each of us. Andrew went to Middle and High School with Hannah and Sara knew her throuigh college. Now Hannah is toasting us on our wedding day!
Sara: I won’t be redundant since Andrew’s answer covers the details about how we met, so I will instead describe how we reconnected! Due to the complications of life, we went through a really painful breakup in 2012. I would make comments to my mom and sister every once in a while about how much I missed Andrew and thought we should be together; at first they didn’t take me seriously, but they finally urged me to get in contact with him if I felt so strongly. We spoke every once in a while over the next few years, but we were never in the right place at the right time about rekindling our relationship. We both moved away from Boston for graduate school.
On Mother’s Day in 2015, I was with a friend working at a coffee shop in Berkeley (Philz, the best coffee ever!), where I was living for graduate school, and stepped outside to call my mom. All of a sudden Andrew walked by! I gasped loudly and hung up on my mom. Andrew was visiting friends and said that he was on high alert since everywhere he turned that day, he thought he might run into me – and then he actually did! We ended up going for a 3 hour walk, and we both spilled our hearts out. He then left to meet back up with his friends and travel back to MA. About 2 weeks later, I flew to see him – and the rest is history 🙂

Couple sitting on rocks at sunset Couple walking into ocean Couple smiling at a beach couple sitting on a beach at sunset

Andrew, What was it about Sara that first impressed you or caught your attention?
Well….I’ll be honest and say that I can still remember the way she looked in her bathing suit. More so, I noticed her easy smile, the way the sun reflected off the water and lit up her eyes, and her playfulness and humor.
Sara, What was it about Andrew that first impressed you or caught your attention?
One of the first things that drew me to Andrew is his natural ability to take such good care of everybody around him. This manifests itself in many areas of life (including his career as a social worker), but I first noticed his love for hosting other people in his home. Andrew is an amazing cook and always invites people over for dinner. I think that this warmness is very emblematic of his values, and is one of the (many) reasons I can’t imagine spending my life with anybody else.

What are you looking forward to the most about your wedding?
Andrew: As much as I’m honored that our family and friends will be celebrating with us and witnessing and supporting our vows to each other as partners in marriage, I’m also really excited for the brief moments of intimate togetherness: our vows under the chuppah, our brief yichud afterwards, our first dance, and taking a brief break from the party to watch the sunset. I also really enjoy dancing! 🙂
Sara: When I think about our wedding day, I picture us under the chuppah holding hands, and looking out for the first time to all of our family and friends who have traveled to witness our commitment to each other. I think this will be such a beautiful moment and I get chills just thinking about it.