Boston Engagement | Greta & Jeff
Boston Engagement | Greta & Jeff

I’ve known Greta since the fall of 2013. She was the manager for my first ever Boston Marathon team. Over the years we’ve met up for morning and afternoon runs in Brookline and along the Charles. We’ve supported each other through races and life events. On our runs, I listened to Greta talk about her relationship with Jeff – how it grew and changed over time. And now they’re getting married this weekend!

I’m so excited and honored to be there to watch it all happen and to photograph this day for my good, good friend.

Jeff & Greta each brought a best friend along in their relationship together. Zoe and Bodie luckily get along really well. We had to get them in on the family photos, so we did two shoots – one in their neighborhood, and one downtown. The bench they’re sitting on is the bench where Jeff proposed last December.

On to the weekend!

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