Boston Engagement | Mariam & Thomas
Boston Engagement | Mariam & Thomas

Hello all of you fine people who are reading this right now! I took a little break from blogging over the last few weeks. For some of that time I was on a trip to Hawaii, which was wonderful and relaxing. My mind had a chance to calm down for a bit and just focus on sunrises and sunsets and waves. I plan to show some of the photos I took while I was there soon. Please hold me to that promise. These two are actually going to Hawaii for their honeymoon! There will definitely be a list made for them – mostly with places to enjoy tasty food.

Mariam & Thomas met while attending Tufts University School of Medicine. They live in Washington now, but came out to the East Coast in February to do some wedding planning. While they were here we met up with them, on what happened to be a very springlike day in winter. We started in Chinatown – near Tufts, and also where Thomas lived while in school. Then we made our way over the the Esplanade, where we were treated to a gorgeous sunset.

Mariam was a bridesmaid in Abby & Paul’s wedding. Our favorite way of connecting with new couples is through our past couples. Everyone keep sending your friends our way. It’s the best. These two will be getting married at the end of May in New York, and we’re looking forward to it very much!

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