Brides – Before a First Look
Brides – Before a First Look

When I talk with a couple for the first time, I explain that our style is somewhat low-key. We’re there to document the day as it happens. We don’t want to impose ourselves on the day, but rather be there to observe. That being said, I also explain that a well thought out timeline with buffer room, allows the day to flow naturally and gives the space for surprises to happen.

That extra space also gives us time to take some portraits. Candid photographs tell the story of the day, but I think portraits are important too. They tell the story of who you were on that day. They also give us a bit of time to slow down from all the bustle of getting ready. I often ask everyone to leave the room – to quiet the space and allow for the realization of what the day is really about to sink in. Sometimes there’s a nervous laugh, other times there are tears. And sometimes there’s a calm that takes over the space we’re in. All of it I love, because all of it is real.

I have weddings to show you starting next week. For now though, here are three portraits from this wedding season.

I’m currently booking 2018 and 2019 weddings. Get in touch! I’d love to chat and learn about the two of you.

Bridal Portrait by window lightBridal Portrait in Black and White - 1940s style Bridal Portrait with veil and succulents

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