Brooklyn Botanic Garden Wedding | Heather & David
Brooklyn Botanic Garden Wedding | Heather & David

Growing up in NJ, New York was just always there. Our news every night was out of New York – and it was somewhat expected that when you moved away from home, New York was where you’d go. We chose Boston instead, which was the best decision for us, but I admit to being excited whenever we have the opportunity to shoot in the city. It feels a little like going home, but to home that’s not very familiar and always a fun time.

Heather & David met at Williams College, but it wasn’t until years later, when they were both in the city that they began dating. They currently live in Brooklyn and decided to use their hometown to its fullest. Heather got ready at the super fun Wythe Hotel, with an awesome view; the ceremony was in a beautiful cathedral; we took photos in Brooklyn Bridge Park with tourists all around on one of the sunniest days; and their gorgeous reception was at Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

As I’ve mentioned many times over, my favorite way of meeting new couples is through word of mouth. Sometimes it’s from word of experience, as in this case. Heather was a bridesmaid in Lucy & Zack’s wedding. So, thank you Lucy & Zack for introducing us. And thank you Heather & David for having us there to celebrate and document such a wonderful day this summer. Congratulations, again!

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Heather & David had Mint Wedding Cinematography there as well. We worked with Zach, who was so much fun to be around all day. There’s only a small handful of wedding cinematographers I would recommend, and Zach is definitely on that list now. Here’s Heather & David’s trailer (keep an eye out for my cameo!):

Event Coordinator Extraordinaire: Dominique Bell of Dominique Bell Events | Beautiful Florals: Denise Fasanello | Makeup: Christie Lee

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