Boston Engagement Shoot | Kaidy & Kyle
Boston Engagement Shoot | Kaidy & Kyle


I think this is the first engagement shoot here on my new blog. Kaidy & Kyle are getting married this weekend up in Kennebunkport. September has been the month of Maine for us! Almost a year ago, these two visited us here in Boston – the city where they first met. Here are just a few shots from our afternoon together.

boston-fall-engagement-lara-kimmerer_003 boston-fall-engagement-lara-kimmerer_004 boston-fall-engagement-lara-kimmerer_005 boston-fall-engagement-lara-kimmerer_006 boston-fall-engagement-lara-kimmerer_007 boston-fall-engagement-lara-kimmerer_008 boston-fall-engagement-lara-kimmerer_009

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