A Look Back at 2016
A Look Back at 2016

It’s difficult to gather my thoughts about last year with everything happening in our country at the moment. My small world seems even smaller right now. Last year was a difficult one for me personally, and it all went by in a bit of a blur. It started off really well and quite suddenly and sadly changed. There were many days I needed to to turn inward. What I came to look forward to were the times I was photographing. Wedding days forced me to focus on the happiness of others, and for a while I got lost in their world. This is a look back on moments in the lives of all the lovely people who chose us to be there to celebrate with them.

To all our couples – you helped me more than you can know. Being witness to your love, and to the friendship of those who were there to celebrate with you, gave me peace and a chance to breathe. I sincerely hope the photographs we created will always be able to bring you back to that beautiful day.

These are just some of the images from this last year that stood out to me. A theme I noticed while looking over them all – I definitely have a thing for hands.

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