Mother’s Day
Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day I want to remember my mom by celebrating all of those mothers whom I’ve had the pleasure to meet and photograph over the years. My mom was a photographer herself, and definitely passed her passion for documenting with a camera on to me. This weekend I’m spending my time going through boxes and drawers (and more boxes), packaging up all the photographs that my mom took over her lifetime. I really can’t imagine not having all these moments to look back on. Photography is what I do to support my family, but it’s so much more. Photographs are a way I can time travel, and I do love spending my time traveling back.

Much of my professional career has been after my mom died. She gave me the gift of photography, but she also gave me the gift of appreciating small moments – the fleeting ones. Without her around I know I’ve become more aware of those moments in not only my own life, but in the lives of the people around me. In a way, she’s made me an even better photographer. I’m always looking for the quick glances, the lips pressed together to keep from crying, the moments of sheer joy.

So, here’s to my mom – Donna Kimmerer. Here’s to all the mom’s who are with us in spirit. And here’s to all the moms (and moms-in-law) of our couples over the years. I’ve truly loved documenting your smiles and tears – and those sweet dance moves. Happy Mother’s Day!

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