My Dad | Four Years
My Dad | Four Years

Four years ago I was out for a day full of shoots. It was a warm day, one of the firsts that spring. I stopped for some lunch and was deciding on where to spend a half hour taking in the warmth of the day when I received a call. It was a call I feared for ten years–ever since my mom died. My dad had died unexpectedly in his sleep. He had prepped the coffee pot for the next morning-a morning he would never see.

The next two years sent me into a fog of grief and longing for so much from my past. That time also allowed me to remember and appreciate so many wonderful things that my dad passed along to me. One of which was the love of water-specifically a lake in NJ that I miss dearly. As well as a love of sunsets. Some nights we’d take the boat out to watch the sunset on the lake. When the sun appeared to set we’d move the boat a little further out to watch it set again.



george sunset boat ride


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