New Jersey Barn Wedding | Cara & Derreck
New Jersey Barn Wedding | Cara & Derreck

For their wedding, Cara & Derreck’s main focus was enjoying the day with as little stress as possible. They wanted to have fun, which is definitely something they know how to do – no doubt. From the first look on, these two allowed themselves be present, which isn’t always easy on a wedding day. There was tons of laughing and tears – and such great toasts and dancing – lots of dancing.

Cara grew the air plants used in her bouquet and on the tables. There may have been a few casualties along the way, but the ones that made it looked great. She and her crew put together all the flowers. One of her bridesmaids who lives on the west coast and wanted to help out made the dream catchers used as the backdrop to the ceremony (hey, ali!). There were nerf guns, heavyweight belts and dinosaurs on top of the cake. This was a wedding that didn’t take itself too seriously when it came to the party. The important parts though, those had all the weight they deserved.

Congratulations, Cara & Derreck!

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