Overbrook House Wedding | Megan & Chris
Overbrook House Wedding | Megan & Chris

At their Overbrook House wedding, Megan & Chris walked down the stairs to their ceremony arm in arm. I love when couples decide to walk in with each other, and not just because Peter and I did the same. After many years of being friends and being a couple, they wanted to be together as they walked into the beginning of a new chapter.

Whew. This was an emotional one. Seeing how “in it” the couple is — as well as the people surrounding them — makes the entire experience that much more meaningful.

Everyone stayed at Overbrook House for the week leading up to the wedding (and the week after too.) The morning of, Megan & Chris separated to get ready. The first time they would see each other was before the ceremony in their wedding attire. As she got ready, Megan read over her vows and couldn’t hold back the tears. Chris went off by himself and sat by the pool to go over his. Later, as I photographed Chris alone, the tears couldn’t be stopped. Crying isn’t something that comes naturally to everyone, but there’s just something about tears for me. They hold so much — sadness, of course, but also joy, and anticipation, and nervousness — and on occasions like weddings they’re often filled with thoughts of the past, the present and the future. Oh man… I just love ‘em. Tears are so complicated.

I digress.

A few things about their day:

  • Megan wore the same dress her grandmother (on her father’s side), and her mother wore as well. I love how the dress comes from both sides of her family, in a way. She had some lace added, which looked like it was part of the original dress.
  • All the flowers in the centerpieces were grown by Megan’s Mom. She also created the arrangements with help from the family and friends who were around at the house.
  • The cake was made by Megan’s cousin, Olivia, who was also part of the wedding party.
  • All the toasts were funny and heartfelt. During his, Chris’ Dad toasted with whisky he secretly saved for this moment that he acquired while Chris lived in Scotland. (Chris worked in a Bottle Shop – isn’t bottle shop so much nicer than liquor store or packy?)

Thank you to Megan & Chris for allowing us to be a part of their day. Thank you to Suzanne & Caleb for suggesting us!

Overbrook House Wedding friends sitting outside

Overbrook-House-Wedding-Photographer-Lara-Kimmerer-003 Overbrook-House-Wedding-Photographer-Lara-Kimmerer-004 Overbrook-House-Wedding-Photographer-Lara-Kimmerer-005 Overbrook-House-Wedding-Photographer-Lara-Kimmerer-006 Overbrook-House-Wedding-Photographer-Lara-Kimmerer-007 Overbrook-House-Wedding-Photographer-Lara-Kimmerer-008 Overbrook-House-Wedding-Photographer-Lara-Kimmerer-009 Overbrook-House-Wedding-Photographer-Lara-Kimmerer-010 Overbrook-House-Wedding-Photographer-Lara-Kimmerer-011 Overbrook-House-Wedding-Photographer-Lara-Kimmerer-012 Overbrook-House-Wedding-Photographer-Lara-Kimmerer-013 Overbrook-House-Wedding-Photographer-Lara-Kimmerer-014 Overbrook-House-Wedding-Photographer-Lara-Kimmerer-015 Overbrook-House-Wedding-Photographer-Lara-Kimmerer-016 Overbrook-House-Wedding-Photographer-Lara-Kimmerer-017 Overbrook-House-Wedding-Photographer-Lara-Kimmerer-018 Overbrook-House-Wedding-Photographer-Lara-Kimmerer-019 Overbrook-House-Wedding-Photographer-Lara-Kimmerer-020 Overbrook-House-Wedding-Photographer-Lara-Kimmerer-021 Overbrook-House-Wedding-Photographer-Lara-Kimmerer-022 Overbrook-House-Wedding-Photographer-Lara-Kimmerer-023 Overbrook-House-Wedding-Photographer-Lara-Kimmerer-024 Overbrook-House-Wedding-Photographer-Lara-Kimmerer-025 Overbrook-House-Wedding-Photographer-Lara-Kimmerer-026 Overbrook-House-Wedding-Photographer-Lara-Kimmerer-027 Overbrook-House-Wedding-Photographer-Lara-Kimmerer-028 Overbrook-House-Wedding-Photographer-Lara-Kimmerer-029 Overbrook-House-Wedding-Photographer-Lara-Kimmerer-030 Overbrook-House-Wedding-Photographer-Lara-Kimmerer-031

We had the great pleasure of working with Lucia & Jose of Anker Prod. They live in Spain, but travel often. We truly hope to work with them again – especially if it’s in Spain! Their trailer of Meg and Chris’ wedding is amazing!

Location: Overbrook House  |  Dress: Vintage  |  Groom’s  Suit: Mr. Sid – Bowtie: April Look  |  Bride’s Hair: Maria Rivera  | Bride’s Make-up:  Bride’s Cousin  |  Invitations: Feel Good Invites  |  Bouquets & Boutonnieres: Le Fleurs |  Centerpieces: Bride’s Mother  |   Caterer: Forklift |  Baker: Bride’s Cousin  |  DJ: Murray Hill Talent  |  Videographer: Anker Prod

Overbrook House is a favorite venue of ours. We also photographed Brenna & Nick’s wedding there too!

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