Rebekah & Mike + two
Rebekah & Mike + two

It took me a bit to get back here. Are you finding that you were really motivated in the first couple of weeks of isolating at home and then that energy just fell off? That definitely happened to me. As with many of you, I believe a bit of depression set in, which has a way of zapping motivation for sure. Here we are though! We’re making it through.

As a follow-up to my last post, I’ve reached out to some of my past clients. Some have been in front of my camera for both their wedding and family sessions and some just for family sessions. I’ve asked them a few questions including a couple about how they’re making it through these days.

Looking forward to when we can all get together in person again–I would love to photograph you as well. From now through the end of May I’m offering $100 off the session fee for Family Sessions, Mini Family Sessions, Maternity/Newborn Sessions, Couple Sessions, and Friendship Sessions. If you suggest me to a friend and they book a photo shoot, both you and they will get another $25 off the session fee. Your photo shoot can take place anytime in 2020 (once we’re all advised we can end our social isolation) and in 2021 as well. Get in touch for more information. Looking forward to it very much!

First up is Rebekah & Mike, their son Callum and dog Marty. We visited them a year ago. As I usually like to do, we started with photos in their home and then went on a walk nearby. They’ve recently added a daughter to the family. I’m excited to visit them again soon and meet the newest member of their family and introduce Arden to everyone when this is all over. I think Callum expressed what we’ve all been feeling when he said, “I’m just not prepared for this yucky germ.”


Rebekah & Mike’s marriage began with a high five and some ice cream. The last wedding image is still one of my favorites. I love the gesture of Rebekah gathering her veil while Mike fiddles with his ring.

Wedding Family Clients Quarentine 02 Wedding Family Clients Quarentine 03Wedding Family Clients Quarentine 04 Wedding Family Clients Quarentine 05

L: What is a favorite memory from your wedding day?

R: My great uncle, who had been slowly slipping into dementia for years, was able to attend our wedding. During a conversation with him at our reception, he was the most lucid I had seen in a very long time and gave what I consider to be the most thoughtful and poignant advice about marriage. Uncle Henry told us to expect to “have good years and bad years, so commit to love one another through it and it would all work out in the end.” Good YEARS, bad YEARS…a thoughtful reminder in the toughest moments that faith in one another can pull you through.


Wedding Family Clients Quarentine 06Wedding Family Clients Quarentine 07

L: Can you share a few words of advice or encouragement for other parents.

R: In an interview with Franciscan Friar Richard Rohr about suffering, he spoke about radical acceptance. “Accept what’s happening as if you’ve chosen it.” This does not mean that what’s happening is agreeable, is reasonable, is normal, or is wanted. It means that we accept that this is reality, and we pick ourselves up and move forward.

Wedding Family Clients Quarentine 08 Wedding Family Clients Quarentine 09 Wedding Family Clients Quarentine 10 Wedding Family Clients Quarentine 11 Wedding Family Clients Quarentine 12

L: Now that we’ve been at this isolation for a couple of weeks, could you pass along any tips or suggestions for making it though, ie: games, art projects, any ideas!

R: We went into social distancing with the greatest of intentions. We had schedules, we had bourbon, and we were going to Montessori the shit out of this time together. Fast forward two weeks, and with one of us still working as a healthcare provider, things fell apart. Instead of pushing and planning (though we still try, maybe a little?), we’ve embraced the mantra “sure, why not?” You want to wear underwear outside of your pants, sure, why not? You want to go for another hike, sure, why not? You want to plan a beach party in the living room, and we’re all going to wear swim suits? Sure, why not? While the worksheets aren’t happening, we’re embracing our time together (and our time apart when I’m with patients) without an agenda. Maybe he’ll learn some life skills, and hopefully we’ll all learn to be a little more flexible. Wedding Family Clients Quarentine 13 Wedding Family Clients Quarentine 14 Wedding Family Clients Quarentine 15 Wedding Family Clients Quarentine 16

L: Photography has always been important to me, but I’ve been relying on family photographs a lot lately. They’ve been bringing me comfort in this new parenthood, as well as being separated from friends and family. Can you tell me why photography is important to you?

R: Photos provide the backdrop for storytelling, and a way to remain connected to our past. One of Callum’s favorite pastimes is looking at photos of our family and being told stories about himself, his parents, and extended family.

Thank you so much, Rebekah! I’m looking forward to sharing more family sessions. Stay safe everyone!

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