Mary & Hank + two
Mary & Hank + two

Mother’s Day is in three days. My first as a mom. My fourteenth without my own mom. This one will be different for many reasons. I usually don’t celebrate the holiday and we really can’t do much if we wanted to this year anyway. That being said, I plan on having some photographs taken of my daughter and me to commemorate the day. Photographs are important. Mary’s answer to my last question resonated with me so much. No need to skip to the end though. You’ll get there.

Continuing on in our quarantine series is Mary & Hank with their son and daughter. We had the absolute pleasure of photographing Mary & Hank’s wedding on Block Island at the Atlantic Inn in 2012. Since then we’ve visited with them twice as their family has grown over the years. Once everything calms down we have plans to visit again. Children grow and change so quickly. It’s fun to see all of that happen over time in photographs.

Looking forward to when we can all get together in person again–I would love to photograph you as well. From now through the end of May I’m offering $100 off the session fee for Family Sessions, Mini Family Sessions, Maternity/Newborn Sessions, Couple Sessions, and Friendship Sessions. If you suggest me to a friend and they book a photo shoot, both you and they will get another $25 off the session fee. Your photo shoot can take place anytime in 2020 (once we’re all advised we can end our social distancing) and in 2021 as well. Get in touch for more information. Looking forward to it very much!


Mary & Hank’s wedding was one that really stands out in our memory. It was a beautiful setting–kinda magical on Block Island. Mary & Hank were so emotional and just leaned into it–our favorite! One of my absolute favorite portraits that I’ve taken is of Mary right before the first look. And I love the portrait Peter took of Hank while waiting to see Mary for the first time too. He already had tears in his eyes. The best.

Wedding Family Sessions Quarantine 02 Wedding Family Sessions Quarantine 03

L: What is a favorite memory from your wedding day?

M: So many favorite memories! I felt like our vows were really emotional-and it was nice to feel that emotion not only from each other but from everyone witnessing the ceremony too.   But I also keep coming back to the moment when I had an unofficial “first look” with my grandparents (if you remember, I wore my grandmas dress). It really brought everything full circle and felt really special. They were so moved and I didn’t really process that until after when I was looking at your photos.

L: Your grandparents seeing you in the dress was one of my favorite moments from your wedding–especially your grandfather’s reaction. I can only imagine the memories he was reliving seeing the dress on you. Wedding Family Sessions Quarantine 04 Wedding Family Sessions Quarantine 05 Wedding Family Sessions Quarantine 06Wedding Family Sessions Quarantine 07 Wedding Family Sessions Quarantine 08 Wedding Family Sessions Quarantine 09 Wedding Family Sessions Quarantine 10 Wedding Family Sessions Quarantine 11


We’ve visited with this family twice, so you’ll see their son grow up a bit and their daughter enter the scene.

Wedding Family Sessions Quarantine 12 Wedding Family Sessions Quarantine 13 Wedding Family Sessions Quarantine 14

L: Can you share a few words of advice or encouragement for other parents.

M: Every day I remind myself that I only have to get through this one day. I’m trying very hard not to look at the big picture because in this particular situation it seems deeply overwhelming. When I feel particularly gloomy I repeat to myself the good things we have going: we are healthy and safe. Our loved ones are healthy and safe.

Wedding Family Sessions Quarantine 15 Wedding Family Sessions Quarantine 16 Wedding Family Sessions Quarantine 17 Wedding Family Sessions Quarantine 18 Wedding Family Sessions Quarantine 19

L: Now that we’ve been at this isolation for a couple of weeks, could you pass along any tips or suggestions for making it though, ie: games, art projects, any ideas!

M: Now is not the time to hold ourselves to insanely high, social Media influenced parental standards. Mine have gone way down. We try to adhere to an EXTREMELY rough schedule but I try not to stress out if we wander from it. Follow your kids lead. And never ever interrupt independent play to do a planned activity!!!!

I don’t know where I saw this, but I read somewhere that when your kid(s) are losing it and everyone is cranky, go outside or put them in water. Works for all ages. It doesn’t matter what you do-walk around the yard, take a bath, you don’t need to get crazy. But it helps!

Also, I bought an indoor bounce house and we use it every. Day.

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L: Photography has always been important to me, but I’ve been relying on family photographs a lot lately. They’ve been bringing me comfort in this new parenthood, as well as being separated from friends and family. Can you tell me why photography is important to you?

M: Here’s why photography (pro or otherwise) is so important. We have 900 books for my kids to look at in our house. Do you know what books they gravitate to and pour over and carry around the house with them? Our photo albums. They love nothing more than sitting with us and talking about every photo in intricate detail-who’s in it, what they’re doing, when it happened. And that always leads to bigger conversations about family history, and stories about times before they were there, and people they sadly never got to know. Photos are magic. They let you time travel. They connect you to your past and give you space to reflect on it. They capture a moment in time forever. Things move so fast nowadays so I think that’s pretty special. Sorry for being so cheesy!

L: Oh my gosh! Not cheesy at all!!! You basically said exactly what I say about photography–the time travel, learning about people that they’ll never have the chance to meet, connecting you to the past…all of it. I LOVE it!

Wedding Family Sessions Quarantine 24 Wedding Family Sessions Quarantine 25

Thank you, Mary! Looking forward to sharing more of these. If I’ve photographed your family and you’d like to be included in this series, please get in touch. There’s a little something in it for you too! Stay sane everyone!

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