Strange Times
Strange Times

What strange times we’re all living through right now. All this isolation is making me feel closer to my friends and family. We may hardly see one another, but knowing we could at any time keeps us from connecting regularly. This forced isolation seems to have made us all feel like we should call/text and video chat more often. I’m enjoying it very much.

What makes this time even more strange for Peter and me is that we recently expanded our family. Our daughter Arden joined us mid-February, a few weeks before everything became very serious in the US. This means we benefited from family visiting in the hospital and at home. Friends (very much our chosen family) helped us out in ways we didn’t know we needed – bringing us groceries and meals; lending their ears when we felt overwhelmed by this new job we’ve taken on; giving advice, but allowing us to take or leave it. For those who could, the most important thing, and the thing we didn’t realize we would need so much, was visiting with us and lending their arms to hold our daughter into the wee hours while Peter and I caught up on sleep. That has all come to a halt for a very good reason, but man it’s been tough to lose that assistance and connection.

It’s been a long time since I’ve done a personal post – something I used to do all the time on my old blog. I miss having that outlet. I guess instagram took its place, just in a more abbreviated fashion. It’s feeling like it might be the right time to use this space again. I’d love if you would leave a comment – maybe about some topics you’d like me to post about – whether they be personal or about weddings or family photography. Words of advice are always welcome too.

I’ll be back tomorrow. For now though, be well in body and mind.


Banner image by the one and only Alexandra Roberts, AKA Auntie A!

Baby’s photo by her mom.

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  • Erica Ferrone

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!! Your daughter is beautiful. Take this time to shut the rest of the world off and just enjoy the time for the three of you. Stay healthy and safe friend

  • Lacy

    Miss holding that sweet baby! Give her an extra snuggle from me.

  • Devina

    Congratulations! Your post makes me very excited for what we have coming up ahead soon… Ali and I will be welcoming Baby Girl J to the family in September 2020. 💓 I am definitely counting on my family being here to help us with her as well… I hope this strange world finds some equilibrium by that time. Stay healthy & well

    • Lara

      Oh my goodness! Congratulations to you and Ali! and yes, hopefully everything will be calmer by then.