Sussex Branch Trail Engagement | Cara & Derreck
Sussex Branch Trail Engagement | Cara & Derreck

Today I have found myself at a small cabin in the Catskills with the specific goal of making my way through tons of photos. With the snow coming down (It’s snowing!), it’s feeling great to be cozy inside.

As shooting season winds down, I’m going to try my best and post here with a little more regularity. The plan is to show you Cara & Derreck’s wedding tomorrow, so I figured I would start with the shoot I did with them two days before. I’ve actually known Cara for around 15 years (or more). I’m always surprised, but absolutely love when people I’ve known that long ask me to photograph their wedding. These two live in Jersey, so I suggested we meet up on a trail I run on when I’m home.

sussex-branch-trail-engagement-lara-kimmerer_002sussex-branch-trail-engagement-lara-kimmerer_003sussex-branch-trail-engagement-lara-kimmerer_005 sussex-branch-trail-engagement-lara-kimmerer_006 sussex-branch-trail-engagement-lara-kimmerer_007 sussex-branch-trail-engagement-lara-kimmerer_008 sussex-branch-trail-engagement-lara-kimmerer_009 sussex-branch-trail-engagement-lara-kimmerer_010 sussex-branch-trail-engagement-lara-kimmerer_011 sussex-branch-trail-engagement-lara-kimmerer_012

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