The Smiths | Family Session
The Smiths | Family Session

Lately I’ve been feeling like I want draw inward. Not necessarily just within myself, though that is true a bit, but more within a small circle of people. A feeling of being centered is what I’m after, I think. The idea of family feels that way to me; a close group of people focusing on caring for, and about each other.

When I photograph families, I like to start in their home. It’s the place where they feel centered and comfortable. Home is a place where they can be themselves – and that’s what I want to photograph.

The Smiths invited me to spend a morning in their home before we took a walk to a local park. Books were read, cups of tea were had, a nap was taken, dolls were attempted to be stolen (one of my favorite photos). I loved freezing these moments for them to cherish now, and to look back on as life changes, as it always does.

I’d love to spend some time with your family too. Book a session, or give one as a gift! 

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A session includes up to two hours of photography with a digital download of finished images.  (Travel outside of the Boston area may be extra. Get in touch for more info.)

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